I am a parent and someone who is passionate about our kids and our public education system! 


I have a long history of working in the public sector at both the municipal and provincial levels of government and in small non-profit organizations dedicated to social justice issues.  


My skills include advocacy, human rights research and policy development, community engagement, community organizing, board governance and teaching. I am a lover of the arts and a published fiction author.  I truly believe that the arts saved my life.


For the last dozen years or so, I have been a contract college professor in the School of Community Services teaching recent high school graduates and helping them find a pathway to success in the field of social work, community work and child/youth work. I have taught my students how to broker and advocate effectively for their clients, parents and communities.

I have a long history of activism around social justice issues such as affordable housing, immigrant and refugee rights, LGBT rights, violence against women and children, environmental issues, and so much more. I have a proven track record of getting things done.   For example, while working at the former City of North York, I helped poorly served communities in the Jane/Wilson area fight for a new community centre and win at a time of cut-backs.  I helped parent and community councils advocate for before and after care programs, breakfast programs and more recreational and social services in their neighborhood. When I was in my early twenties, I co-founded and built a 53 unit housing co-op for immigrant women and their children in Scarborough.  I have served on the boards of women's shelters, arts organizations, and more….


Nila Gupta is an engaged parent leader, committed advocate for public education, and an accomplished member of the community. She will do the work to listen to all constituents. On October 22 vote for an independent, passionate, thoughtful, and committed candidate to represent the diversity of Ward 9.

 - Nadia Bello, former TDSB Trustee, Scarborough East 

Nila is passionate about justice and what’s needed in our schools these days! She’s smart and has integrity! Enough to fight for what’s right for Toronto’s kids!

- Felice Markowicz, former Child & Youth Counsellor and Professor

I’ve known Nila Gupta for many years.   She has a deep understanding of equity issues and a ton of grassroots community organizing experience. She is talented, well informed and passionate about education with a history of teaching in the fields of social work and community services.  As a parent and active Torontonian, Nila cares -– about public schools, human rights, and ensuring the curriculum will properly meet the needs and challenges children face today.    Nila will be a strong progressive voice advocating for the best interests of all TDSB students.  If you live in Ward 9,  vote for Nila Gupta for TDSB School Board Trustee! 


- Kikélola Roach, Unifor National Chair in Social Justice & Democracy at Ryerson    



Nila Gupta, is running as TDSB trustee for Ward 9! Some of the reasons I support her: she is the type of person I want to be represented by (a queer woman of colour in a multiracial family with immigration experience and a solid background in community work), her platform is based on standing up and fighting for the public education that I want (accessibility, fixing our schools, including the Sex Ed and Indigenous curriculum, etc.).

- Olimpia Boido, Dovercourt Park Resident


I have worked with Nila Gupta over the past three decades and her commitment to an inclusive, progressive politics has never wavered. From organizing and developing the Cooperative housing project Ujimaa to working on feminist projects as women of colour, Nila is all in, all the time. Nila Gupta will get things done as our Trustee!

- Debbie Douglas, Ujimaa Housing Co-op, Founding Board Member

I just ran into one of my community worker professors and was happy to hear that she is running for school trustee! 
I know that Nila is someone who will relentlessly work towards making a change within our community as that's what she has worked towards all her career.

- Maya F., former Community Services Student