I am a parent, proud Torontonian and Davenport West resident, and an involved chair of my child’s Parent Council. I came to Canada when I was 6 and my siblings and I all went to TDSB schools.  Like many of you, I was a newcomer navigating a different educational system, and now I’m a parent advocating, like many of you, for my child’s unique learning needs.  


I am running for School Trustee as a woman, racialized immigrant, and an openly gay candidate because, now more than ever, we need diverse voices who will champion equity and understand the lived experiences of those they serve.

I am running for School Trustee because I am that determined advocate who believes that investing in our children, in our educators, and in our public education system, is the right thing to do.  I believe one of the few remaining paths to equity – that is, a good career and a better quality of life, is a great education taught by great educators.  


I am running for Trustee because I have the skills to make a difference.  As a community worker, I developed Parent Advisory Councils and Community Councils, and supported parents who needed help navigating the complexity of the school system.  I delivered programs to underserved communities such as breakfast programs, before and after school programs, daycares and more.  Now, for the last dozen years, I have been teaching college students in the field of Community Services how to do the same. 


I am running for Trustee because, like so many of you, I believe that schools should be safe, inclusive, equitable spaces that are respectful of diverse families, and respectful of students’ unique learning profiles and needs.  Schools should be a space where we all are actively working against hate and bullying and exclusion -- so all kids can succeed.  

I am running for Trustee, because like so many of you, I believe our children need more education, not less.  Our children need modern, forward thinking, community-minded curriculum that covers consent, healthy relationships, cyber-safety, sexuality, gender diversity and diverse families.  Our children need more physical education and arts programming, too, as active and expressive kids are healthier kids.


Like you, I believe that our society understands its obligation under the Truth and Reconciliation Commission to tell the truth about Canadian history and to include Indigenous histories, issues, and perspectives into the curriculum.  We desperately need a paradigm shift in our thinking if we are to save our planet from the ravages of climate change -- and learning about Indigenous thought can offer us an alternate way of looking at our world.  


Like you, I believe that, now more than ever, our communities need Trustees who are not deterred by Premier Ford, the biggest bully in our Ontario schoolyards, and his regressive policies.  We need strong, experienced, effective advocates who possess a vision for a better future and the determination to make positive change -- and to do all of that with integrity.